I am Abhay, a self-taught Web Developer & Digital Consultant.
Welcome to my personal website/webpage.
I operate a Web & Digital Solutions Agency - WebiSharp. Where we help Businesses all over the Globe with their Web Presence.
I am also building mutiple side projects (in stealth mode) hoping to scale it in near future.
My personal interests revolve around Startups, Tech, Code, Finance & Minimalism.

About me 😁

Let me tell you about how I entered into this Internet world. Back in 2016 when I was in 8th Standard I started a YouTube channel when the affordable internet wave started in India. From 2016 till 2018 I made around 250+ videos about Latest Technology, smartphones, Laptops How-Tos & I was not serious about YouTube at that but just I enjoyed shooting & editing the videos process so it was my hobby :)

In 2018, I thought to start a blog around Tech (text format of the content that I was already making in the video form). Then, I started exploring Google's Blogger & written a few articles on that. Then eventually the limitations on Blogger made me shift to a full-fledged CMS WordPress. I continued blogging for a few months but I realized that I am not a person who loves to write content. After this one day, a person in my network was looking for a WordPress developer for his business website. I didn't do any of the work before & I didn't know WordPress can be used for business websites also. I immediately contacted him, closed the deal & promised a 7-day delivery time without knowing how to do the stuff 😅. But, according to me, it was a turning point for me. I learned a lot about WordPress & business websites in those 7 days & delivered my first project successfully the client was very happy too & still he is my client.

After this, I built a few WordPress websites & then eventually I started exploring the Digital Marketing field & did a few projects of this.
All this was going side-by-side while I was doing college. So, it was going to be tough for me to manage. In May of 2020 when the whole world was shut down with the global pandemic I enrolled in Digital Deepak Internship Program for upskilling myself. That 6 week's program also helped me a lot. I made a lot of good networks & I conducted a few webinars too.
All of these past experiences helped me in building my agency WebiSharp. Currently, I am running WebiSharp solely & we have a group of freelancers who help us with our projects.

You might wonder what is the actual Vision of WebiSharp. Here it is:
When I started my vision is to provide the services of a basic Web Presence on the Internet for an Offline Business. But, by the time we have evolved & our vision changed. Now, we not just provide just basic Web Presence, but offer more advanced services like Automations & Marketing. Any business that is looking for any type of Web Presence can reach out to us. While choosing clients we handpick the requests & filter out them those who can really get benefit from our services. That's why we offer a Free Discovery Call to every client per project to understand their requirements & expectations from them & based on that, we close deals keeping in mind our availability & ability.

While building WebiSharp I learned a lot of things, not just Tech, Finance, Operations, Business, Sales, Marketing, Legality, etc. Being a solo founder I am always focused on doing everything myself in order to keep the expenses less & which made me explore a lot of fields.

Talking about my educational life I completed my schooling at St. Lawrence Marathi Highschool Aurangabad, Maharashtra. Then completed a diploma in Industrial Electronics from Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli, Maharashtra & I currently pursuing Engineering in Electronics & Telecommunications from DKTE's Textile & Engineering Institute, Ichalkaranji, Maharashtra.

Work experience 💼

🏢 April 2020 -> Present
WebiSharp - Founder

🧑‍💻 March 2019 -> December 2019
Freelance - Digital Marketer

🧑‍💻 March 2019 -> December 2019
Freelance - WordPress Developer

📽️ January 2017 -> December 2019
YouTube - Video Creator

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