I'm Abhay, a Web and Digital Consultant. Delighted to welcome you to my personal website.

I am the driving force behind WebiSharp, a Web & Digital Solutions Agency dedicated to assisting businesses worldwide in establishing a robust online presence.

Beyond this, I'm actively engaged in developing several side projects with the aim of scaling them in the near future. My personal passions orbit around the realms of Technology, Finance, and Minimalism. Explore along with me as we navigate the intersections of these exciting domains!

Journey of Growth: My Path in the Digital Landscape 🚀 

The Genesis (2016)
My internet journey began in 2016, riding the wave of affordable internet access in India. Fueled by a profound passion for technology, code, finance, and minimalism, I embarked on this exploration during my 9th standard. What started as a hobby quickly evolved into a transformative journey, marked by the creation of over 250 videos on a YouTube channel.

Evolution into Blogging (2018)
In 2018, I transitioned into the world of blogging, translating my video content into written form. Starting with Google's Blogger, I swiftly embraced the more robust CMS, WordPress. However, a pivotal moment emerged when an opportunity presented itself to develop a business website using WordPress. Despite committing to a challenging 7-day delivery timeline, this experience became a turning point, propelling me into an intense period of self-education and hands-on learning in WordPress and business website development.

The Birth of WebiSharp
The successful delivery of that inaugural project laid the foundation for WebiSharp. Today, I lead a dynamic team of freelancers, delivering impactful projects for clients across diverse domains. Beyond the realms of websites and tech, my journey has expanded to encompass finance, operations, business strategy, sales, marketing, legality, and more.

The Crucible of 2020
In 2020, amid the global pandemic, I enrolled in the Digital Deepak Internship Program. This intensive program not only elevated my skills but also provided a platform for expanding my professional network. The experience became a crucible for personal and professional growth, culminating in the opportunity to share knowledge through webinars.

Balancing Act (2021-2022)
Throughout 2021 and 2022, a significant portion of my time was dedicated to fostering the growth of WebiSharp while simultaneously completing my Bachelor's in Technology Degree. Collaboration with over 30 clients globally, each from different domains, enriched my professional experience. Personally, I seized the opportunity to explore domains like finance and startups, broadening my expertise and gaining valuable insights.

Navigating Finance in 2023
In 2023, my burgeoning interest in finance has directed my focus towards exploring investing and derivatives trading. As I navigate the intricate landscape of entrepreneurship, my commitment to continuous learning remains unwavering.

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Work experience 💼

🏢 April 2020 -> Present
WebiSharp - Founder

🧑‍💻 March 2019 -> December 2019
Freelance - Digital Marketer

🧑‍💻 March 2019 -> December 2019
Freelance - WordPress Developer

📽️ January 2017 -> December 2019
YouTube - Video Creator

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